Stories from the Basement

Stories from the Basement February 2023


Donna Clark, Director

We have seen God at work many times over the years but it never ceases to be amazing when it happens. Our AmeriCorps volunteer has been out of work due to illness, but she has constantly been on her computer looking for free things we could use for our clients. She has managed to get a great deal of useful things such as Nike hoodies and other clothing. She asked about getting free blankets about six weeks ago and the decision was yes if we got them while the weather was still cold. She ordered 1,000 free blankets which translated to eleven pallets with twelve boxes per pallet. The freight company called on Thursday and announced that the blankets were going to be delivered the next Monday, creating a sense of panic. The church garage was half full of church equipment and miscellaneous items. One item was an electric wheelchair that had been donated several months ago and no one had expressed a need for it. That same Thursday afternoon a message was left by a gentleman who was looking for financial assistance to purchase an electric wheelchair. Fast forward to Saturday morning, we had a volunteer with a lift truck at the garage and the willingness to deliver the wheelchair to the person who needed it. While that was happening, Church members cleared the garage and we were ready for the delivery. On Monday the blankets arrived and we had enough volunteers to make things go smoothly. The word was sent out to our collaborating agencies that blankets were available and in three days more than half of the blankets were distributed. Many thanks to all who helped make it happen but, most of all, thank you Lord! God at work!

Psalm: 67