Stories from the Basement

Stories from the Basement August 2022

by Donna Clark RN, Director

I looked out into the waiting area two weeks ago and there were 40 people waiting for services. Glancing at the clock, I realized it was only a half an hour after we opened. I knew that some were there for dental assistance, some for lunch, but the rest were there for general services. Ironically, just a few days before, there had been a discussion among the staff that we had seen a drop in the need for documentation and we had patted ourselves on the back for having finally served the majority of the community who needed our help. As it turned out, all were waiting for lunch, about 30% were there for dental assistance, 5% looking for a cool place to be, the rest needed clothes, documentation, hygiene supplies, and all the basics of starting a life over while living on the streets. Not everyone was without a roof over their heads but all of these people were at risk of having to live without shelter in the next twenty four hours. It seemed as if a bus had stopped in Salisbury and dropped off a whole new population because most of these clients were in our office for the first time. By the end of the day we had served fifty five different people and fed forty six. The staff was exhausted but happy we were successful in meeting almost all of the requests for services. Thanks to your support and prayers those clients walked away feeling like someone cared about them. That means a lot if you are living on the edge; especially if it is not your choice.

God bless all of you for the love you carry in your hearts!

Matthew 25: 31-46