Stories from the Basement

Stories from the Basement November 2021

Stories from the Basement

Help and Outreach Point of Entry, Inc.


Donna Clark, Director

Services to the homeless have improved greatly since this ministry began in 1997. Back then,  there was no state medical assistance, one shelter in the area with very limited beds, and only two places working to feed the hungry on a daily basis. Over the years, improvements have been made at federal, state, and local levels. Our community has become much more aware and active in helping those who are struggling. Hearts have opened to those in need and more services are available. Because of the economy, changes in the population in our community, and many other factors, the number of people seeking assistance has not changed noticeably and in fact has increased. Last fiscal year, during the pandemic, we continued to work to reach whoever we could and we served 628 different people, giving them hope in their lives. Although we are not quite six months into this fiscal year, we have aided over 300 different individuals.

The needs are varied but we do what we can to help bring peace in the hearts of those who walk through our doors. We are helping one gentleman who is need of dental extractions before he can begin treatment for head and neck cancer. Multiple families need birth certificates and ID’s to get into housing while others need ID’s and Social Security cards to obtain employment. Our agency is the only agency on the Lower Eastern Shore which provides the specialized guidance and financial assistance to allow those searching for help to progress to a better life. We do it with love in our hearts.

Thank you to everyone who has supports us and allows us to share in the joy of our clients as theirs needs are met.

Luke 2:8-11