Stories from the Basement

Stories from the Basement June 2021

Have you ever considered what the word “hugs” stands for?  We believe it stands for Help Us Grow Stronger! We want to share a couple of hugs with you!

Recently, our Executive Director received two hugs that were especially meaningful – and represent the real essence of what H.O.P.E. is all about. One was from an elderly lady who came to H.O.P.E. two years ago seeking help.  We were able to provide funds for her to get badly needed dentures. During the pandemic, one of the teeth dislodged and she glued it back on by herself, but it needed a professional repair. Thankfully, she qualified for the John B. Parsons  Foundation grant money, so we were able to help her get her denture fixed.  In addition, she recently had an eye exam, lost her prescription and could not afford to pay for her glasses.  Our staff contacted the eye doctor’s office and were able to replace the lost prescription and then secured a pair of free glasses for her. Her tears of joy reinforced that the love and appreciation we were receiving would not be possible without the generosity of our donors, who enabled us to say “yes” to her request.

During the interview the client was a bit mentally scattered.  Thankfully, she had help and support from a lady who was her neighbor. When we moved to the next person to interview, it turned out to be that neighbor!  She had a mouth full of very bad teeth and was in a great deal of pain. As we talked, she was reassured her that her teeth could be fixed with the financial collaboration of two other agencies in the area. We were able to pay for an exam, cleaning, and x-rays at a participating dental office. Once there is a plan of care, we can move on to getting her relief from her dental pain. Again, the tears of joy abounded and the hugs those two women gave were just breath taking. While we may have been the immediate recipients of those hugs, we want to pass them on to you!

Thank you for your donations that allow us to receive hugs from people who are hurting and sometimes lost; but most of all, for allowing us to help them!  Matthew 7: 7-12

If you know of someone in need who would benefit from H.O.P.E.’s services or if you would like to learn how you could help, please email us at or call 410-677-0757.