Stories from the Basement

Stories from the Basement April 2021

H.O.P.E. in Action – Wicomico Presbyterian Church

April 2021

Many of you may not know exactly how H.O.P.E. functions.  So this month, we want to give you an inside look at our organization. We have a staff of six volunteers who regularly help in the office, one part-time employee and an AmeriCorps volunteer.   We collaborate with 45 different agencies in the Tri-County area.  In one week, we assist as many as 40 to 60 different individuals.

The amount of services provided by our office is amazing, especially since Social Services and Social Security have stopped seeing clients in person due to Covid 19.  This has created a large gap in the delivering of benefits that our clients need to survive. We have seen an increase in requests for help with obtaining unemployment, disability, health insurance and food stamps.

Most of the those who come to H.O.P.E. do not have computer access or the ability to complete the complicated electronic forms needed before benefits will be released. Our AmeriCorps volunteer is an amazing young woman who came to us with previous experience in on-line forms, insurance processing, and the patience to handle frustrated people, in addition to the social service maze. She is able to accomplish so much for our clients; interacting with them, our volunteers, managers and fellow staff with a pleasant smile and attitude.  She often accomplishes things we never thought possible.  We are truly blessed to have someone who brings hope and happiness to all those she serves.

God provides for us every time we ask for help and our AmeriCorps volunteer is a true gift, not only for us, but for our clients. We appreciate your prayers as we try to help the least, the lost, and the last.

If you know of someone in need who would benefit from H.O.P.E.’s services or if you would like to support us, please email us at or call 410-677-0757.


Thank you!

Donna Clark

Executive Director