Stories from the Basement

Stories from the Basement November 2020


Donna Clark, Director

As Christians, it is our job to remain steady, supportive, and to shine Christ’s light into the world around us. Smiling eyes can soften the heart of someone who is frustrated or angry everywhere we go. When we walk in the path God puts before us; trying to be gentle and loving, we can accomplish great things.

Yesterday I went out with a representative of the City of Salisbury and two professionals from the SWIFT Team of Tidal Health to various homeless camps; presenting those in need with an opportunity to address their health and social issues. Many of the camps were under H.O.P.E.’s radar but, one in particular was really out of the way. As we entered the woods I was amazed at the beauty around us and loved hearing the birds singing. The housing representative had brought us out to this camp specifically to encourage the client to care for his health.

When we entered the camp and introduced ourselves to the client, he agreed to let the health care professionals look at his foot. I had known this person for many years but he had dropped off contact several years ago. .He is difficult to deal with and very stubborn. When the dressing was removed from his foot and we began to clean the wound maggots were identified; causing us to try and convince this very hardheaded person to go to the Emergency Department. The loving approach of the SWIFT Team and the trust he had in H.O.P.E., Inc. allowed him to agree to be transported to the ER.

God led us to him and love encouraged him to trust us and get help. Please keep him in your prayers.

Romans: 5, 1-5