Stories from the Basement

Stories from the Basement January 2020

Stories from the Basement

Help and Outreach Point of Entry, Inc.


Donna Clark, Director



Working with people who are marginalized for a long period of time you have a tendency to overlook small triumphs. Triumphs in their lives are major factors; improving the way they live, deal with those around them, and give back to the community. We stay so focused on getting things accomplished that we just keep pushing forward and sometimes forget to celebrate successes. We have had several successes lately and we want to share them with you.

The gentleman I have been writing about with the back pain finally received treatment and told me that he is pain free for the first time in eight years. He was whistling around the office; cleaning up trash and smiling. I may have mentioned before that when his pain would hit him he would bark like a dog, especially when he would sit down in a chair. I haven’t heard that bark for some time now and it is wonderful.

Another client, whom I have mentioned previously, has been living in the woods for several years, has been sober for almost a year, and been working with the City of Salisbury’s Housing First Program. He has found a church family that supports him and strengthens him; helping him to maintain his sobriety. He has been waiting for an apartment to happen and God made a way for it to fall into place. He should be housed by the end of January! I’ve known him for five years and this will be the first time he will have a roof over his head.

Serving an average of thirty people a day; you tend to just go from one client to the next. When you step back and look at the way their lives improve, a sense of gratefulness settles in and God’s peace surrounds you. Thank you Lord.

Psalm 91