Stories from the Basement

Stories from the Basement: May 2019

by Donna Clark, RN

Sometimes it take a village to help some people. We have one client that has been coming to us for services since 2015. He is 68 years old and homeless here in Salisbury. A veteran, he has been a client and housed under the Veteran Outreach in our community, then housed through the City of Salisbury’s Housing First Program, and he has been a regular person at the Community Emergency Shelter Project.

Years ago he was a successful accountant with a family, friends, and was a functional member of the community. We don’t know if he received a head injury or if through aging he lost his capability to function but he now self-medicates with alcohol. When sober he is a very intelligent man and so pleasant to talk to. Unfortunately, when under the influence of alcohol, he becomes rude, obnoxious, and incontinent causing him to lose every apartment he has been placed in due to the damage he does. He just drifts from place to place looking lost.

We have connected him with mental health care and his caseworker works hard to get him placed. The problem is that when he gets interviewed by an intake person he can hold his demeanor in place and come across as totally in control of himself. We all would like to see him placed in an extended care facility but he interviews so well that hasn’t happened. Please pray for this poor soul that we can get him admitted to someplace he can receive care for his multiple issues. Even though he is sick he is a child of God in need of compassion and love.
John 10: 14-18