Stories from the Basement

Stories from the Basement: February 2018

By Donna Clark RN, Director

Someone asked me today if I ever envisioned the scope of the work of this agency. I have to say that when I started doing blood pressures at God’s Kitchen in 1996 I never thought that we would be able to serve 35-50 different people each time we opened the office. I never thought there would be an office. The hymn “Trust and Obey” has become my mantra over the years and most days I just try to take self out of the picture and let God do the work. Each day we are open people come in for financial help, food, and fellowship depending upon their need. We continue to have the finances to help with the basic needs thanks to your donations and grants. Since I never knew how to write grants, God certainly had a hand in my learning on the job and touching the hearts of the grantors to agree to support us. I feel so blessed each time I get notice we have been approved for grant monies. Our treasurer announced at the last Board meeting that we continue to spend 85% of our money on services.

A short example of God at work was last Monday. We have two volunteers who bring a delicious meal every other Monday and the alternate Mondays we have to get creative. We received a phone call out of the blue last Monday morning from Chick-fil-A asking if we could use some food. They were catered to provide food for an elementary school but the school had to close due to a power failure. Our guests had a feast.

Trust and obey
For there’s no other way
To be happy in Jesus
But to trust and obey
John H. Sammis, Towner 1887