Stories from the Basement

Stories from the Basement: October 2017

by Donna Clark RN, Director

Today has been a very busy day at the office. We have helped people order their birth certificates, schedule trips to MVA with us to pay for their ID’s (needed for employment and housing), agreed to pay co pays for prescriptions and helped complete various forms for benefits the clients are entitled to. Our SU intern has been busy helping people complete forms and solve problems that help the clients move forward, ending their homelessness and obtain more independence. One of the hardest things we do is saying “no” to their requests, especially when it’s due to lack of funds.

We were anticipating receiving a grant from CareFirst to fund adult dental care in September but we did not get it. Having been able to help over 130 people obtain dental care last year we have become well known for that outreach. Now we have to turn suffering people away due to lack of funding. I just talked with a person from the PRMC radiation oncology who was looking for financial assistance for a cancer patient. Patients with oral or neck cancer often have to have teeth extracted before starting their radiation and their treatment ceases until the extractions are accomplished.

We know St. Albans Episcopal Church will be gifting us with some of the money they are raising with their Fall Festival this November but, if you are able to help us help others in need, please remember us when you are paying your bills this month. Please designate dental on your check and it will be used only to help with adult dental care for those at and below poverty level.

Thank you and God bless you!