Stories from the Basement

Stories from the Basement: April 2017

by Donna Clark RN, Director

He comes to our office every time we are open. He sits on the couch in the back on days when he is dealing with his demons. On the days he feels normal he volunteers; helping us where ever he can. Some days he seems to spiral and anyone or anything can set him off, feeling that he has been wronged in some way. We have tried to get him to mental health care but we can’t make him go. He refuses to take medications so he is who he is.

We recently received some old paperwork on him from another agency and it is sad to see his history. His mother was born in Brazil but disappeared from his life when he was an infant. The paperwork shows that his father had changed his son’s last name to his and obtained custody when he was 7 years old. Our client tells of terrible experiences as he was growing up. His one brother and one sister are living but they too are dealing with severe mental health issues. He lives in the woods and walks all over town during the day often checking dumpsters for discarded items. It makes him so proud to be able to give someone a gift he has rescued, just now presenting me with a working computer light he found this past weekend.

We provide a place for people who are lost mentally and physically to feel safe and accepted in spite of what their issues are. This young man knows that no matter what he has done, no matter what is going on in his head he is welcome to be with us. Over time we know he will begin to trust us enough to start to make changes in his life to become more stable. You just have to give them all the love and support you can in spite of mental illnesses, body odor, or any other social deterrent. Just love them like God does.

1 Corinthians: 13