Stories from the Basement

Stories from the Basement: March 2017

by Donna Clark RN, Director

The cold weather shelter has come to an end. For 3 months local churches have cared for homeless men providing shelter, food, safety, and fellowship. This program had a huge impact on those who have been served.

One story I will carry in my heart for a long time is about the man who was very limited in education, unemployed, and dealing with the recent death of his wife. He was a fairly young man and because of his situation was pretty much at a loss about what to do. He believed work was out of the question due to his limited level of education. He was nurtured by the hosts of the shelters and in late January he had the courage to place an application at PRMC. Receiving no reply he gave up on the thought of working at the hospital. I saw him in prayer many times with support staff of the shelter project and he really was trying hard to regain his independence.

In mid-March he came to me very excited. He had been at the hospital, trying to avoid the bad weather and encountered a lady who had prayed with him one evening at the shelter. She cared enough to ask him why he was there and hearing about how he so wanted a job she again prayed with him. As he was leaving the facility he received a phone call on his cell from Personnel at PRMC. Could he come in ASAP for an interview? He was in their office within 10 minutes and by the end of the day he was employed! Monday he came to our office for fellowship and as we talked about his job he realized that the last week of the shelter he would be at Wesley Temple United Methodist Church, a very long way to be walking to work at 4:30 am. Thanks to our bike ministry we had a bike for him and he now had transportation. God is so awesome!

Thank you to everyone who assisted in any way with the Community Emergency Shelter Project. You walked the walk that Jesus wants all to do and made a difference in lives of those you served. God bless you. Read Jesus’ prayer in John 17; 13-26