Stories from the Basement

Stories from the Basement: October 2016

by Donna Clark RN, Director

One of the things we love the best about our work is to be able to meet the needs of those who come through our doors. The adult dental health program has been especially rewarding as we are able to help people get painful teeth removed and basic dental care done. We recently had a lady referred to us by a dentist and while she was there she learned we also help with glasses. She hadn’t had her eyes examined in three years and was having problems with her vision as well as her teeth. When we finished working with her we were able to help with her teeth, eye exam with glasses, and help her get her medications for the month. She was in tears as she left the office.

Providing assistance like this cannot happen without the support of our donors. We receive money from churches as well as some private donors who regularly send us donations. It is your generosity that allows us to serve those in need. Grant money helps some but those donations mean we can help people who do not meet the criteria of the grants we have. All grants have stipulations and we must follow their rules. Undesignated money frees us to help more people requesting assistance. At our last Board of Directors meeting our Treasurer reported that we spend 90% of all money we have on services. That is phenomenal and we can’t do it without you. H.O.P.E., Inc. has been in the business of financial assistance for the needy since 2007 and are committed to making sure that those who qualify receive assistance. We are very grateful for your support over the years. Thank you and God bless you.

2Timothy 6: 17-19