Stories from the Basement

Stories from the Basement: September 2015

by Donna Clark RN, Director

Yesterday, as I was leaving the hospital, I encountered a gentleman who recognized me. He wore an employee name tag and although I did not remember his face, I did remember his name. It’s interesting when just a name creates a reaction in your heart and this time it was not a positive memory.

About 5 years ago he was a big challenge for our agency. He had many issues; the main one being depression. As I was talking to him I was seeing in my mind’s eye all the times we tried to get him motivated to change his situation. He was an intelligent man, who I felt could do anything he wanted. Unfortunately, he would rather self-medicate with alcohol than address his issues and move on. I also remembered the frustration we all felt with him as we continued to be disappointed in his choices. He put it very well yesterday when he said, “I didn’t avail myself to doing the right thing”.

Now, 5 years later, this man is employed full time and excited that he has just started a new business. His bank helped him set up a consulting service utilizing his talents in computers and he had just finished signing all the paperwork. He shared with me his appreciation for all the support we gave him and that we never gave up on him. He said that he hated who he was back then but, when he came to the H.O.P.E., Inc. office, he always felt respected and cared for. We fed him when he was hungry, we gave him clothes to wear when he was cold and we prayed for him when he was lost. He told me that our belief in him led him to take the steps he needed to change his path and become a contributing member of our community.

I truly believe that everyone has the ability to succeed. Sometimes it takes persistent, unconditional love from others to kindle a spark of self-worth and the motivation to change.

Please read Matthew 25: 31- 40.