Stories from the Basement

Stories from the Basement: August 2015

by Donna Clark RN, Director

One of our homeless clients who was recently housed just left the office smiling and feeling very proud of himself. He has managed to keep all of his doctor’s appointments and counseling appointments for the last month and followed up on all of the tasks assigned to him. To you and I that is not a big deal but, for someone who is mentally challenged, this accomplishment is really something to be celebrated. He has been our client with us for many years and we have seen him go from living in a tent in the woods, wandering the streets lost and confused to being housed and able to manage his life fairly well.

His success is based on several things: maintaining his mental and physical healthcare, working with case managers through Wicomico County Health Department and H.O.P.E., Inc., and his commitment to keeping his life under control. He is able to go fishing and find peace during the day when he doesn’t have other appointments. Over the years he has trusted us enough to seek help when his schizophrenia spirals out of control by coming to the office looking for our help and reassurance. We have provided hope to this man; hope that life will get better and that he is in control, not the voices in his head. We have made sure that love has surrounded him as he struggled to hold onto reality and was panicking about his world. The support that our agency has given him has made the difference in his life between constant incarcerations and a life full of independence and happiness.

Thank you God for the chance to show Your love to the marginalized in our community.

Please read Matthew 22:34-40.