Stories from the Basement

Stories from the Basement: August 2014

By Donna Clark RN, Director

Back in May 2007 when we moved into our office in the basement of Wicomico Presbyterian Church the office space seemed huge. We moved in with office furniture which was put together by two of our clients. Some furniture was supplied by the church and we felt we had more space than we would ever need. Over the years we have brought in 4 more file cabinets, tubs to store the underwear and other clothing, food to feed those who come to us hungry, and other miscellaneous supplies. This morning as the clients came en mass for services our 5 volunteers and the clients coming to the back office for services were dancing around each other in a slow waltz. Everyone was pleasant and cooperative. As I wended my way through the crowd I had a smile on my face; remembering the earlier days of our agency. God has blessed us with so much and as long as I stay out of His way everything seems to get taken care of.

Recently I have been rereading the book The Shack by Wm. Paul Young. It is a work of fiction but it is a deeply moving book about building a strong relationship with God. One of the illustrations is an image of just falling backwards without fear because God will be there to hold you in his arms and protect you from all harm. We are to trust our every action to Him knowing that He wants us to have a joyous and rich life.

The story of H.O.P.E., Inc. is one of trust in God. We started from the backs of our cars and the office was on the dining room table. God has supplied everything we have needed along the way. He blesses this ministry with His love and it shows on the faces of the volunteers and those we serve.

Thank you Lord for every thing.