Stories from the Basement

Stories from the Basement: May 2014

By Donna Clark RN, Director

It’s a rainy day and really too wet for anyone to go out in the weather. Our office has been slow today but some have braved the weather to get assistance. We are blessed to be able to provide a place for the homeless to get out of the weather. It’s sometimes hard to close the doors at the end of hours when all they ask of us is a dry warm place to sit. Of course the food helps make their stay pleasant.

Today we saw a lady who had a list of medications as long as your arm. She was still waiting to hear from the state on her medical assistance number and had no coverage for her medications. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of other social assistance agencies her needs were met.
Our agency is successful due completely to the efforts of our volunteers and of course donors. Volunteer talents come in a variety of ways and have many faces. One lady prepares a meal for Fridays so we can feed the hungry. Another person collects clothing and allows us to clothe those in need. The office staff provides love and guidance to anyone who walks through the door. Others pray for us and those we serve. There are the people who are available on a moment’s notice to notarize paperwork, provide emergency transportation to doctor’s appointment, or to run an errand for us. We have guidance through our Board of Directors for business questions and decisions affecting the future of the agency.

Recently, on a day that the regular staff was out doing various activities, we had two people to serve those in need. The line of clients was growing rapidly to sign in for services and out of nowhere a young woman walked in and asked to volunteer. She had resume in hand and had excellent previous experience working with clientele similar to those we serve. She stepped up to the challenge of working in an office she had never been in, using forms she had never seen before and provided love and compassion to the marginalized people who entered our office that day.

Volunteers are the perfect example of I Corinthians, 12. Thank you Lord for those you send to serve.