Stories from the Basement

Stories from the Basement: January 2014

By Donna Clark RN, Director

Sometimes in life you meet someone, share your knowledge, and then never see them again. You never know what impact you have made in their life.
A few weeks ago we had a very cold Friday and our waiting room was full of clients trying to stay warm. We had planned an educational program for the clients provided by a Priority Partners educator on Surviving the Cold. About 10 people sat in the back of the room watching the slide show and appeared to be interested. There were another 25 people sitting in the other part of the room listening but not participating.

Micala, the educator, completed her program and a young woman approached her. It seems that when this young lady was aging out of foster care she was in a class that Micala taught on budgeting. The group was full of young people who were soon to be on their own with no real back up. This particular woman was one of the more difficult members of the class and Micala remembered her after the lady identified herself. The young woman then proceeded to thank Micala profusely for what she had learned in her budgeting class. She now has 2 children and living on a very tight budget, using everything she learned from Micala’s class. She even had the papers that were passed out several years ago. It seems she even counts on the fresh food placed out in our office on Mondays and Fridays. I have to tell you that is putting it in God’s hands because we never know what food will come down those steps each day we are open. This woman who was rebellious and angry a few years before remembered what was taught in that class and today is trying hard to be a productive member of our community. Micala stated that she would never have believed that this person learned anything in her class. Today this client is using all the skills she can to make a home for her family and a future for herself.

Remember that you are the heart and hands of God on this earth. You may not know what effect your smile, gentle touch, or prayer may have on another person. Have patience and love in your heart and God will do the rest.