Stories from the Basement

Stories from the Basement: November 2013

By Donna Clark RN, Director

Summer has moved on and needs are changing. Warm clothes, blankets, socks, and shoes are the hot items requested. Friends from the past are showing up looking for tents, heaters and fuel for their camps. These are items that we don’t usually supply and they know that but, I think they just like to check in. Others have stopped by to let us know that they are doing well and remain clean and sober and housed. Each day that we are open something happens to make us know that God is with us as we help all who come through our doors.

There is a full moon at the end of this week and we have seen the restlessness building in our clients with mental health issues. We spent a lot of time talking today with one client in particular about his current living situation. He is getting mental health care but at times his paranoia and fear of crowds overwhelms him. Due to his mental health he has spent most of his life incarcerated and his health issues went untreated. Now that he is receiving care he is trying so hard to “fit in” but society makes that a difficult challenge. Today he was very agitated with himself and everyone around him. It was the test of our day today to help him cope. He stated that the loving Christian atmosphere here in the office gives him a sense of comfort and security. Once again God at work here at H.O.P.E., Inc.

The elderly couple has been helped by Adult Protective Services and at this time is safe. Praise God!
The gentleman with bladder cancer reappeared but his addiction is so bad he cannot make good choices to help himself. He continues to be on the streets and needs your ongoing prayers.