Stories from the Basement

Stories from the Basement #6

By Donna Clark RN, Director

She came to my office every Saturday with fingernails blackened with dirt from living in a tent near Salisbury. Smelling of alcohol, her petite frame was often shaking from cold, fear or just plain sadness at her situation. She had been an addictions counselor until her mother died and suddenly she found herself lost, alone and without any support. I looked forward to her visits and we would talk about life, the universe and her world. It took 5 years of loving support, a nonjudgmental attitude and a host of Christian people around her to finally convince her to try sobriety. She was walking down the plaza one day and another old friend from her professional days encountered her. This was the moment that made the difference. The next 4 weeks were spent in a rehab center and the first call she made was to us to tell me she had committed to sobriety.

This paragraph was written 4 years ago about a client who meant a great deal to me. Yesterday she stopped by the office to say hello to everyone and to tell us she will graduate from Wor Wic Community College with an AA degree in Addiction Counseling and will be able to help others as she was helped.

Her success and commitment comes from the love surrounding her. She has joined the ranks of many others who have walked through our program and have gained the courage to become clean and sober and rejoin the society that shunned them. They all say that if it weren’t for our loving support they never could have done it. H.O.P.E., Inc. does make a difference. We realize that it takes time and lots of love to help those who are lost and scared to return to the difficult society we live in and stay with us.